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Soft Luxury Stuffed Animals

Have you heard the name? Jellycat is their name and stuffed toys are their game! Jellycats are the luxurious stuffed animal company that started in London in 1999. Jellycat makes one of the softest, most lovable stuffed toy lines in the world, and they market their stuffed toys all over the world. Jellycat has offices in the UK and USA, and they have distributors around the world in gift shops, design shops, children’s boutiques, bookshops, toy shops, museums and heritage sites.
The company makes several lines called Bunglies, Junglies, Rollos, Cordy Roys, Bashfuls and Truffles and keep adding to their stuffed animal lines every year. One of the company’s newest is a line called Sherbet, made up of soft, squeezable kittens, puppies, and piglets that any youngster would surely love. As well as stuffed dogs, kittens and soft bunnies, Jellycat offers many other animals like monkeys, teddy bears, their popular plush junglie lions and aardvarks, zebras and elephants. Jellycats come in large, extra-large, medium and small stuffed animal sizes.

Jellycat is a living, breathing stuffed animal company, who is strongly influenced by the fast changing world of fashion. Their animals come alive in the form of hundreds of new and innovative original designs each year. Jellycat is constantly on the search for interesting and distinctive materials to make their new friends out of. Along with being hip and humorous, their toys are soft and sumptuous.


Jellycat’s priority is safety in their manufacturing and choice of materials for all their beloved toys. They not only comply with, but also exceed, the European Testing Standard and the American Testing Standard. They are also committed to responsible working conditions.

CARE OF Jellycats

As with any beloved stuffed toy, accidents do happen and grownup caregivers have to help the beloved toys get cleaned. Suggested cleaning tactics include scrubbing the stained area with a wet cloth, then blow drying. For more serious cleaning, caregivers have washed the toy in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and dried the item in the dryer on the air cycle. The well-made Jellycats have survived the gentle-cycle washing and continued